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About Ezypay

Ezypay is in the business of providing dedicated direct debit services to businesses looking to regulate their income and revenue without having to manage the complexities of bill payment.

Healthy, regular cash flow is the lifeline of every business, and Ezypay are experts in ensuring that your business enjoys good financial health and prosperity throughout the year. With over 99% collection rates and nearly twenty years of experience in the direct debit industry, we have become the biggest international direct debit billing company specializing in collecting, improving and managing recurring payments.

Ezypay direct debit are now available in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines.

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“We are able to control the amounts that we debit, control the frequency that we debit and for our members, it’s really about the convenience of use.

– The Forum – Newcastle University of Sport

Roxana Olivares, Director of Programs

What is Ezypay offering?

Ezypay Delivers Online Payments
Ezypay Delivers Online Payments

Accept direct debit payments online with Ezypay. Create and customize your very own payment form, then share it easily across multiple social media platforms, on your website or via email. This self-managed tool allows you to customize your payment options so you have the power to decide how you want to get paid, with the added advantage of allowing your prospect to conveniently sign up for your product or service with just a few clicks of the button.

Ezypay are Experts in Recurring Payments

Why do the same thing over and over again when you can automate your monthly billing process? Ezypay handles recurring payments like a breeze – your database of payment details is secured in a compliant online vault and we help to process transactions via credit cards and debit bank accounts so your customers have a range of payment types to choose from.

Ezypay are Whizzes in Recurring Payments

Q: What are recurring payments?

Recurring payments are basically payment transactions that are performed more than once. Generally, recurring payments occur at regular intervals and can be used in a variety of situations, from monthly subscriptions to paying membership fees or bills. Recurring payments have become a popular fee format as your customers won’t have to worry about repeatedly paying the same bills every month, whereas businesses enjoy regular payment and save on valuable resources.

Why use Ezypay direct debits?

1. Increase customer loyalty

2. Reduces cash handling and cheque processing fee

3. Improves efficiency and cash flow with timely payment every month


1. Worry-free timely payments done at a fixed interval, which means uninterrupted service and no late payment penalty fee

2. No more time spent lining up or wasting resources (such as transportation) to get your bills paid

3. Access and control your payment options online

direct debitOne-time Payment Setup

no more late paymentsNo More Late Payments

reliable systemReliable System

excellent supportExcellent Support